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Looking for Full-Stack Developer

I am looking for volunteers who can help me with my project. It's a site where students can get help in a more efficient way with a legitimate source. So basically, a user will ask a question, and it will search in all sites with related questions, and it will compare to other sites if they have related answers and citations from different kinds of sites, it will now show the user the answer depends on the type of question, if it's history or related, it will show the history and story of that thing, if it's math or related, it will show the guide on how to solve and to help them understand easier. TL;DR: It's a site where students can learn fast, more understandable, and with legitimate sources. I made this because students like me in our country made our education really hard, and we had to finish it in just 1 WEEK! and the resources that our teachers gave us are very limited. For more information or if you are interested, kindly email me:

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